Raising awareness without saying a word.
Sparked by one child's desire to hear her friend speak one day, the idea for our SpeakOut4AS campaign was launched.

Meet Ainsley, pictured above here with her friend Gina.

Gina is a second year member of Kids4Good and thought that we should consider trying to help Ainsley by telling others about her disorder and trying to raise some much needed funds for a cure.  

Gina wanted us all to know that Ainsley has a little known disorder called Angelman Syndrome, a neurological disorder which, as we've learned from Gina, leaves children without the ability to talk and delays walking in most cases.  Some children are never able to walk.  

Most children with AS, or Angels as they're often called, require 24/7 care with some experiencing complications with their eating and sleeping and most are prone to some type of seizures.

We feel these YouTube videos are helpful in explaining Angelman Syndrome:




Our group has been moved to join Gina in her quest to one day hear Ainsley and the other Angels speak.  We decided that our group would go about trying to raise awareness about Angelman Syndrome.  We thought that the best way to get a sense of what it might feel like to not be able to speak was to be silent ourselves, to not say a word.

To learn more about our SpeakOut4AS campaign and to get more details about holding your own event, visit:

If you care to learn more about Angelman Syndrome and the foundation we're hoping to benefit with our SpeakOut4AS campaign, visit:

To view the K4G club members practicing for the SpeakOut4AS event:

To view the Inaugural SpeakOut4AS event at Lace and Eisenhower:

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