Schools Count Corp.

We're very excited to partner with this new local NFP organization!

Just days after Maxandre had returned to Haiti we received a wonderful email from the Director of the local organization, Schools Count Corp., Dick Flesher, to say that he was interested in teaming with us to actively fundraise and help Maxandre and the staff and students of Institution Mixte Nao Community School to rebuild their school. 

Schools Count Corp. was started by Dick Flesher in 2005.  He's a retired teacher and coach from Hinsdale Central High School.  He's spent the past five years working tirelessly to help rebuild schools in the Gulf Coast.

Please visit their site to learn more about their efforts in recent years:

Or follow Dick's blog at:

Continue to check back here for additional news regarding upcoming fundraising events that we may be collaborating on in the coming months.

Welcome Mr. Flesher and thank you for offering to assist us in our Hope4Haiti initiative in such a major way.

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