ur group learned long ago about the power of our words.  

We've found ways over the years to share words of encouragement or good words with those less fortunate and struggling through hard times.

Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005 we penned Welcome Words for the refugees being displaced from the Gulf Coast to Chicago and distributed those as they filtered into area shelters.

We've spent the past five years in a cultural exchange with an elementary school in Haiti, our Hope4Haiti project, and have worked across the miles to share words and artwork to lift each other up and share bits about ourselves along the way. Our good and heartfelt words have helped get our friends through their darkest times.  None perhaps more poignant than when, in January of 2010, our adopted school found itself at the epicenter of Haiti's earthquake, when our words, oftentimes crudely translated in Kreyol, graced cards and tarps and school pacs sent down in the weeks and months following the quake.  
Our good words gave our friends much hope.


Good Words Project harnesses all we've learned these past years and works to demonstrate once again, now via social media, just how powerful, how uplifting our words can truly be.

This time our energy is directed to all those who found themselves in Hurricane Sandy's destructive and unforgiving path in recent weeks.

Once again, our dear friends in Haiti were not spared and as the good folks on the east coast continue to assess the damage, those in Haiti and the Caribbean are doing the same.   On the ground reports we've received in the last 72 hours tell us that roads have been washed out.  Crops and livestock, often the only source of food for families, have been obliterated by Sandy.

But back to our task at hand, to why we're here.

We simply want to demonstrate how we can all pull together and use our good words to let those affected by this devastating storm know that our thoughts are with them. That we have their backs!

Yes, relief will need to come in many forms in the coming weeks, months and years. We watch, even now, as many in Sandy's path are still waiting for rescue, for some relief.

What we can all begin to share is our good words which will hopefully help those affected by this storm and those who have lost so much simply know we care.

So, wherever you are, whatever language you may speak or sign, whatever your ethnicity or political platform, we hope you'll take a moment to share your good words.

As our friends in Haiti would say, Kenbe La - Never Give Up!  

Good words indeed.

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