Good Deeds Done
Kids4Good is committed to performing good deeds
both locally, here in Darien, and globally.  

Below is a sampling of Good Deeds Done in recent years, in no particular order :

Hope4Haiti - Established initially as a cultural exchange we adopted an elementary school in Darbonne, Leogane, Haiti in 2007 and raised over $1,000 at that time to assist in providing a second-story addition to the school.  On January 12, 2010, our friends found themselves at the epicenter of Haiti's devastating earthquake.  Since that time we've worked to raise nearly $40,000 
toward the rebuilding of our adopted school, Institution Mixte Nao Community School.

Giving Games
- Raised over $1,500 to help victims of the Tsunami in Indonesia through the trade-in of video games.

Elves Exposed - Collected over 200 winter coats for local shelters.

Helping Harte - Collected over 4,000 books and  $2,500 for Alice Harte Elementary Charter School in New Orleans who lost their resource library during Hurricane Katrina.

Blankets of Hope - Made patriotic fleece tie blankets to send to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Project Boo/BooII - Collected over 600 gently used Halloween Costumes for local shelters.  Distributed over 500 to little ghosts and goblins in our community.

Operation Books4Good - Collected over 1,500 books for Nettie Davis Elementary, 
        a school in Watseka, which flooded due to some of the worst flooding in four decades.

Snail Fever - Collected over $600 for The Carter Center in Atlanta for the eradication 
                            of Schistosomiasis/Snail Fever.

Change4Good - An initiative established in 2009 to encourage independent fundraising for the cause most important to each member. Funds were raised for animal shelters and children's hospitals.

Kiss Away Leukemia - Our Kids4Good2 group worked to raise funds for a fellow student's mother who is a survivor of this disease and was participating in the Grand Canyon walk for a cure.

SpeakOut4AS - A campaign to raise awareness and funds for Angelman Syndrome.  A District-wide undertaking which silenced over 1,500 students as a show of acceptance for all Angels and non-verbal students.  We hope to establish a national campaign in 2010.  For more details about Angelman Syndrome visit:

A video showcasing our SpeakOut4AS event:
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