Give One Toilet Project

UPDATE - Toilets Are Completed!!
November 2013

Maxandre has contacted us to report that the toilets are completed, with the exception of some final paint and finishing details.  The students have been going through some training on how to properly use the new facility since most, if not all, of the students at IMN are unfamiliar with modern flushing toilets.

Please take time to scroll through the above images to see what we have been able to accomplish as a small but dedicated group of supporters - almost 365 days from the first time we stepped in the aging pit latrines at IMN, we're able to report the successful completion of a new modern toilet facility for the 235 students at IMN Community School.

Thank you to each and every one of you who asked what you could do to help.  Every donation made a huge difference and is bringing much happiness and more importantly, clean sanitation, to this small community in Leogane.  

UPDATE - IMN Toilet Project
September 2013

We are elated to announce that our Toilet Project for Institution Mixte Nao Community School is officially underway and the funds have been raised following our recent Festival Lespwa, led by our dear friends at Global Hope. 

The Festival Lespwa raised $10,000 for the toilet project and Maxandre is in the process of lining up his masons and plumbers to begin construction on their new modern toilet facility.

We will be providing updates regularly in the coming weeks and months.

We can't possibly express enough gratitude to our Global Hope partners (Dickie, Anna, Liz, Maura, Marjie, Ken and Nancy).  

To the countless other supporters of Kids4Good who have patiently listened to our stories of unfinished business at IMN and have continued to support our efforts and trust our judgement over the years, we're forever grateful.

We will be sharing many more details on this and ongoing news from IMN.


Construction Phase Four - Winter/Spring 2013

We returned from our first visit to Institution Mixte Nao Community School in late October with a short list of additional initiatives we could consider.  At the top of the list, both ours, Maxandre's and the staff, was the toilet project.

A review of the list of needs at IMN led us to prioritizing new sanitation for the school as a top priority and the next order of business for our Hope4Haiti project.

The school's current latrines were built in 2003.  There are currently five pit latrines for the students and one for the staff.  The current facility is nearly full and is posing a potential health risk to those having to use it daily.  The smell from the latrines is a distraction for the students though Maxandre works diligently to keep it clean and safe for the students.  

Pictured above are Widchelle and Naisha posing outside the latrines.  Much time is spent away from their classwork each day as the students must assist one another to wash hands thoroughly using water in buckets and bowls in the absence of running water.

Pictured below are a few images of the existing facilities.  

Pictured below are three of the five pit latrines available for the 235 students at IMN.

Pictured below is the current staff pit latrine 

We've set up a Fundly site in an attempt to simplify donations for this fundraiser - you can visit that site:

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