An area of our site that will focus on what "good" others are doing.

Good Works
Cancer Smashers in the News

Many of our former Kids4Good kids and volunteers have been working overtime to get this great group off the ground.  Follow their link to see all of the "Good" that this group is up to:

Look for this group being featured in the Nov/Dec. issue of Neighbors of Darien Magazine - great job Cancer Smashers!

Youth Safety

Safety Village of Darien is the "unofficial" site for our Kids4Good weekly meetings.  To learn more about this local organization and how they've made it their life's work to educate the children in our community and neighboring communities, visit their website:
Youth Violence

Learn what one woman is doing on the south side of Chicago to try and address the youth violence plaguing the neighborhoods.

Visit the Kids Off The Block website:

Though we learned of Diane Latiker's work years ago, I've just recently learned that she was a 2011 CNN Hero.  Great to see her work get such attention!

Check out more about Diane:

Check out this new project from Kids Off The Block - what they're doing to address youth violence:

Read on - Mary Schmich's article from the Chicago Tribune on the challenges facing all of us,0,5998452.column

Teaching Tolerance

Came across this inspiring site while researching a project for K4G.  Do yourself a favor and check this out - good stuff!

Helping Students and Schools in Need

Have received an endorsement from a wonderful new NFP organization called Schools Count Corp., led by Dick Flesher, former Hinsdale South High School Coach and Teacher.

Please take time to learn about all of the various initiatives that this organization has tackled in recent years.

Mr. Flesher will be working with our Kids4Good club to help raise funds for our Hope4Haiti project to rebuild our adopted school in Darbonne, Haiti.

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