Committed to performing good deeds
both locally and globally!

You might say we know a thing or two about Good.

Our History
Our group has been making a difference for others, through our good deeds, since 2004. We started as Kids Make A Difference, the Student Council, at Fairview School in Darien.  When Fairview School closed we moved to Lace School and became Kids4Good.

We've worked, the past five years, as a weekly after school club focused on performing good deeds across a number of issues.  We've tackled some pretty grown up topics along the way.

We've become one of the leading youth service organizations in the western suburbs!

Our members have a history of moving on and continuing their good works both with other clubs and in their school communities as well.

How you can get involved:

We've spent the past few years engaging others in our work.  When you're faced with having to rebuild a school in a faraway land, you learn very quickly that there's strength in numbers.

We're working to redefine how we get deeds done.  We know others are interested in helping and we'll be rolling out new initiatives in the coming months.  

You've got a lot going on.  

We're working to make our projects more accessible to students here and in neighboring communities.  We know the positive impact our work has on students in helping them better understand the importance of serving others and thinking beyond themselves.

How we do what we do:

What we do isn't so unique but how we go about doing it is -
we're the 
X-treme service project group!  Our students typically log a minimum of 40 service hours over the course of our K4G school year!

Led by a group of dedicated parent and teacher volunteers, we take on projects that are both local and global in nature.  We brainstorm ideas throughout the year but oftentimes our projects are born out of an event or a chance meeting.

Our deeds have received much attention!

We've been featured on ABC7-Chicago, FOX Chicago and in the Chicago Tribune.
  We've had extensive local newspaper coverage of our deeds over the years.  We've raised tens of thousands of dollars the past few years and have donated many goods throughout our community - both here in Darien and abroad!

For more information about Kids4Good contact:

Cynthia McGann


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IN THE NEWS - UPDATE January 2013

Our current exhibit at the Haitian American Museum of Chicago received some mention in this recent article in News Star:

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